Safeguarding Your Legacy in the Face of Unexpected Costs

Long-term care and other unforeseen life events can significantly strain your hard-earned assets. Burgos and Brein Wealth Management is committed to protecting your financial security and providing you with complete peace of mind. Our asset protection services are designed to minimize financial risk, preserve your legacy, and help you navigate government benefit programs.

Why Asset Protection Matters

Without careful planning, the costs of long-term care, medical expenses, or legal challenges can rapidly erode your life savings. Government programs like Medicaid have a 5-year look-back period, and the VA has a 3-year look-back period, scrutinizing financial transactions before benefit applications. Proactive asset protection helps mitigate these risks, ensuring resources are available for you and your loved ones when needed.

How We Help You

We start by thoroughly assessing your assets, financial obligations, and potential risks to create a tailored asset protection strategy. We then utilize proven strategies to safeguard your resources within the bounds of relevant laws and regulations. Our team never offers one-size-fits-all solutions. We work closely with you to understand your unique priorities and financial goals, and we specialize in planning strategies to overcome government look-back periods and qualify for benefits.

Don’t Leave Your Assets Vulnerable

Proactive asset protection planning isn't just about safeguarding wealth; it's about giving you control and peace of mind. By establishing a sound asset protection strategy, you gain:

· Confidence in the face of unexpected financial burdens

· Protection of your legacy for future generations

· Mitigation of potential legal disputes

· The ability to qualify for benefits immediately


Let us help you secure your financial future. Contact us for a consultation today.